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03.17.2016 - WORK IN PROGRESS
We are building the Spa with the possibility of access to external and a new Spa Suite!!!
07.31.2013 - Tripadvisor's decline.
The unreal restaurant's joke and Tripadvisor's decline.
07.06.2013 - Rechigi Hotel, perfect location for "The Fashion Shaker" shooting.
Rechigi Hotel, with its refined and elegant settings, has been the perfect location for "The Fashion Shaker" shooting organized and realized by Alessandra Casella.
05.08.2013 - Rechigi Hotel recommended by CNN.
On the 6th may 2014, Rechigi Hotel has been recommended in the famous American broadcast channel's web site, for its prestigious contemporary art collection. It is an article dedicated to the more interesting Italian destinations.
04.03.2013 - At dinner with "Tasca Conti D'Almerita".
Major success for the last wine tasting event organized by Rechigi Hotel's Kitchen Bar in cooperation with the famous Sicilian cellar "Tasca Conti D'Almerita".
03.08.2013 - Franco Battiato at the Teatro Sociale in Mantua.
On the occasion of the last stage of his "Apriti Sesamo Live Tour 2013", the famous Sicilian singer-songwriter achieved resounding success at the "Teatro Sociale", moving with his texts and his music also Mantua audience.
01.31.2013 - Leo Gullotta at "The Ariston Theatre" in Mantua.
On the 31st of January 2013, Leo Gullotta achieved resounding success with his theatrical performance "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at "The Ariston Theatre" in Mantua.
01.28.2013 - Gino Paoli hold a concert at "The Bibiena Theatre".
Gino Paoli started the new concert season "Music Mondays" in Mantua.
The first concert, with Gino Paoli and Danilo Rea on the piano, took place at "The Bibiena Theatre" on the 28th of January 2013, a stage of their Tour "Like we who.."
11.14.2012 - Rechigi Hotel has been included in the Michelin Guide 2013
Rechigi Hotel has been included in prestigious Michelin Guide, which is the largest global reference for assessing the quality of the restaurants and hotels in the national and international level.
11.13.2012 - Collavini at Rechigi Hotel
Hotel Rechigi dedicated a night to Friuli and its wines, in which Collavini was the protagonist, one of the best renowned companies from this region of Italy.
10.12.2012 - Hotel Rechigi Kitchen Bar included in the Michelin guide "Restaurants of Italy 2013"
The Hotel Rechigi Kitchen Bar, recently opened in the lounge of the hotel, was inserted in the guide "Restaurants of Italy 2013" L'Espresso.
09.26.2012 - The philosopher Edgar Morin at the Rechigi Hotel during the days of Festivaletteratura 2012
The French writer and sociologist Edgar Morin stayed at the Hotel Rechigi during the days of Festivaletteratura.
09.25.2012 - Conference at Rechigi Hotel: the media and the crisis
The club Mantova Pd center organized a meeting at the Rechigi Hotel with representatives of the mantuan media entitled "How the media tell the economic crisis and the politics."
07.29.2012 - Festivaletteratura 2012
Also this year for Festivaletteratura 2012, Rechigi Hotel will have as guests the writers that will take part to the event. 
We will publish the images, comments and photographs of our guests and our most loyal customers,  present at the event.
04.20.2012 - Dinner with wine tasting of the cellar Pieropan
On April 20, 2012 will be held at the premises of the Hotel Rechigi a tasting of wines from Cantina di Soave Pieropan accompanied by creative dishes of Rechigi Hotel's restaurant.