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Meeting rooms.
Rechigi Hotel has also a large meeting room for factories meeting for a  maximum of 80 persons and smaller rooms for a maximum of 10 persons.
Accesibility for disabled people
Sensitive to the problems that disabled people can have every day in an hotel structure, Rechigi Hotel Staff provides to those people, services in order to make their stay as comfortable as possible.
Rechigi Hotel has a private covered garage that can accommodate until a maximum of 20 cars.
The garden
Within the many services that the Hotel can offer, there is also a beautiful inside private garden that is used for breakfast, lunches, dinners, or simple to read a book outside during the summertime.
Audiovisual Installations
The hotel assures to its guests the best supply of audiovisual installations and equipments for every kind of use.
The Hotel offers a fast and efficient laundry service with delivery for the next day.
The Restaurant
On the inside of Rechigi hotel there is an exclusive and refined restaurant with a lounge area where guests can find quality, experimentation and attention to the particular at the same time.
Free Wi Fi
Both for work and for personal need, Internet has become a necessity: to read e mails, to find informations or to speak with friends.