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Yesterday evening TG 5 newsreport  showed a service speaking about Tripadvisor and main portals who host internet judgements, denouncing what I suffer by guests and competitors and  I declare from a longtime. Hurray!!!!!
Federalberghi has collected many complaints from hotel and restaurants who declared to receive regularly many proposal from agencies to buy good judgements on them property and bad on competitors.
The news also specified that who don't pay and submit to this system, is obviously penalized and denigrated.
Proud never to have accepted the parntership with "That" kind of portals, and after having suffered the worst blackmails from guests who ask You any kind of thing ( discounts and presents ) for a positive judgement, I finally see the first results of a battle started from me a long time ago.
I  say, also to young members of my staff, honesty allways pays in life.
Sooner or later thing change, otherwise which sense has the strain of many keen people who are really and seriously in love with their job?

See you soon!!!!!
01.31.2013 - Leo Gullotta
What a nice guy is Leo Gullotta! He came again as our guest after one year from his last staying, but , checking in,  he has greeted everyone as he has allways been here! He remembered everything and everyone! At picture time, we, goofy with our I Pad, weren't able to make a good picture and he: " Come here, I make You see what you have to do!" . He has given us our poses and he took pictures of everybody with a really excellent result!  It's been a real pleasure to host him both nights of his permanence. We hope to have him again soon as our guest, people of this kind are really special! 
01.28.2013 - Gino Paoli
Pure emotion! Yesterday evening Gino Paoli exhibited himself in a unique location "Bibiena Theater". He has introduced himself, beside Danilo Rea his pianist , telling: " prepare yourself to feel thrills as we allways do when we are on stage!" and this is what happened. I have seen an enchanted public raptured by emotion. A memory I will keep in my heart for a long time. 
Here I am again....! I would like , unfortunately, to answer to another totally false internet judgement. A turkish guest arrives late in the evening, he comes in and begins to shout that he wants the best suite of the hotel, that his car is in the middle of the street and that he wants a porter... Immediately satisfied: auto is in garage parked at light speed, our porter brings luggages directly in his room. Today neither 5 star hotel can stand a service like the one we have given to this guest! 
They ask for the best restaurant in the town, I, having my office behind front desk and being already late, immediately call the restaurant owner . He confirms me the table. They happily go out for dinner and they happily come back, thanking for the service.
in the morning, they come down for breakfast after our time limit and they found our maid tyding up. Our buffet has already for a half been emptied. Not taking care of this he sits at the table and orders eggs, our maid says him that breakfast time is finished, and if they want something to eat they can have what is remained on buffet table, explaining him that in the kitchen, beeing late, there is no one more. 
At that point he starts raging against our staff member, highing his voice tone, directing himself in the hall, asking about hotel manager. I hear the shouts and come immediately out of my office, seeing me his expression was: " A woman? Puah... terrible, I will not speak to her! "  Astonished I come back inside my office, totally speechless.
The guest comes back in the bar, enters inside, and begins helping himeself for breakfast. Our waitress says him again that he can't do something like this. And what do you expect him to do?!! He mooves her using force, he asks what right has she to work inside the hotel, he asks her if she has the permit to stay or if she is an illegal alien, threatening to call the police. Our maid begins to cry. In your opinion what have I said?? and what would you have do in my place??But the most humiliating thing of this scene was, being a female, to see his wife keeping a straight face, giving in this way approval to her man. Man??!    
Despite of this, we have asked to our maid if she wanted to denounciate him but then we gave up. Guest has had porter service also at checking out time, and he also leved his car inside our garage all day long obviously without paying, and not only, when he came back he demanded to leave the car in front of the hotel and he was satisfied.
Obviously after two months, he allows himself to write a judgement declaring that we are the worst hotel etc etc but the reality was  really another one......!!!! What a shame....see you soon! 

01.01.2013 - Introduction
Here I am! The Director blog borns from my need to express directly my opinions, to describe honestly facts and events about  my daily beloved job .
I don't love portals, thay have brought an uncontrolled big power to guests, who can freely discredit You, but at the same time  they deprive You of the possibility to answer or to tell your truth.
Perhaps not everyone knows that the majority of internet judgements are payed and done by specialised agencies working just for this. In the same way not all our answers are published, sometimes they are not, sometimes just partialy, but the most important thing is that in this way the real truth never comes out,  our category is not protected in any way.
I don't think that in a democratic land this is the correct system. I have written to Federalberghi and also to the best lawyers in order to give birth to a new portal that protects hotel owners and directors. I really would love to create a website publishing my judgements on guests and why not (?) on staff members. Why can't I help a collegue bringing his attention to an uncorrect way of work of someone !!?? why can't I inform  about a guest who has created damages or has had a bad behaviour inside my hotel? 
We are not Tripadvisor partner, perhaps the only ones, but I  still believe in my self and in my dedication to work.
I don't feel gratified and satisfied if I have to ask to one of my guests to publish a positive judgement just to be in first places in portals, I neither consider the hypothesis to pay for this.
Guests are allways right, but here at Rechigi Hotel, when someone pass the limit, I don't  remain in silence watching and suffering.
In life respect is an important value, but this is valid for everyone!
See You soon!!!!