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Mantova, city of artistic interest
Mantova is one of the most important and beautiful cities of artistic interest of Italy. Even if it's small (50.000 inhabitants), the beauty and quietness of its historical centre, make it interesting as the others visited cities of Italy.
The local Administration has known how to preserve and and to bring out the historical centre, making it the destination of an important cultural event: Festival Letteratura, that takes place in the centre of Mantova every September with a lot of success.

Monuments to visit

Ducale Palace
Ducale Palace
Mantova (from 2008 humanist heritage of UNESCO) reaches its maximum brightness with Signoria Gonzaga. Ducale Palace is the symbol of this family and it's one of the most extended italian palaces with its 500 rooms and various squares, internal gardens and courts. Within the palace there is a remarkable artistic heritage that includes also Pisanello works ('400), Giulio Romano's frescos, a piece of Rubens, and inside the near S.Giorgio Castle (end of '300), the famous "Bridal Chamber", painted by Mantegna within 1465 and 1474.
In the ancient home of Cardinali Valenti Gonzaga today it is based the Museum Gallery.

Piazza Erbe
Piazza Erbe
The rooms are build on 500 mq and structured as "open space" with paintings and sculptures.
At the opposite side of Palace Ducale there are Palace Vescovile, Palace of Uberti, Palace Castiglioni and Palace Acerbi. Crossing Piazza Sordello, you can reach Piazza Broletto with its Palace of Podestà. Then, you will find Piazza Erbe. Its name derives from the tradition of the fruit and vegetables market that took place in it. Piazza Erbe is enclosed by Palace of Reason and near Clock Tower.

Te palace
Te palace
Near Piazza Erbe, there is Piazza Mantegna with the Church of S.Andrea, the most important church of Mantova that inside has a lot of artworks.
Another important symbol of Mantova and its culture it's Palace Te , realized from Giulio Romano within 1525 and 1535. Giulio Romano has build also the Duomo of Mantova.

Active art centre and place of many exhibition is Casa del Mantegna (important Reneissance architecture).
Behind Duomo, you can find the famous House of Rigoletto. In the garden of the house there is bronze sculpture of Rigoletto made by Aldo Falchi.
During week end and holidays you can find in Mantova people from Project Urban Stewart in the streets of the city in order to give you any information you need.

Mantova Lakes

Superior Lake
Superior Lake
The three lakes that enclose Mantova (Superior, Half, and Minor), form a particular place where it's possible to admire the unmistakable Skyline of the city.
The green areas near the lake are equipped to make picnics or to take a break. The parks are located along all viale Mincio and next to the Lake.
People who love science has the possibility to do the science path near the Half Lake: it's a didactic space equipped with interactive devices that becomes a place of discover and socialization. Here you can find a lot of didactic and information panels placed at an height of 160 cm.

Fontana Wood
Fontana Wood
Along the streets that coast the lake, there is the possibility to take the boat and cross the three lakes until others villages as Governolo and S.Benedetto Po, Venice and Chioggia. Navigation Societies have boats equipped also for disabled people.
Not far away from Mantova you can find also Fontana wood, a green area that offers a lot of trees and rich vegetation.
In this beautiful area it's possible also to practice birdwatching and see the many kinds of birds that live there. In the center of the forest there is also an elegant house for hunting of 1500.

Mantova Gastronomy

Mantova, with Parma and Ferrara, is placed in a gold triangle of padana gastronomy. Mantova cooking contains all the characteristic things of court's cooking, but also those of the country traditions during the holiday.
The typical dishes of Mantova are the perfect compromise between a big genuineness of the countryside and the most aristocratic creativity.

As regards the starter dishes, the risotto "alla pilota" is the most important dish of Mantova's cooking and it takes its name from the processing of the rice. It is served with the typical Mantova sausages and they are mixed together.

Tortelli with Pumpkin
Tortelli with Pumpkin
You can't talk of Mantova Gastronomy if you don't talk about Tortelli with pumpkins. They are prepared with pumpkin baked and with mustard and amaretti. Also Agnolini are very typical of Mantova, and they are served in a small cup with meat stock.
Mantova is very famous also for its desserts: first of all Sbrisolona, a rustic cake. Also Millefoglie and Elvezia are very typical.